2018-09-07 |

Get your tickets to Nano Forum 2018!

As a member you get a 50% discount on tickets, just put in the promocode: member

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2018-08-27 |

Prof. Kristina Edström får KTH´s stora pris 2018

Professor Kristina Edström är årets mottagare av KTH´s stora pris 2018. Med motivering ”Energi är en ödesfråga för framtiden och genom Kristina Edströms gedigna forskning och kunskap har världen kommit avsevärt närmare en lösning i fråga om energilagring. Genom att ladda sin forskargärning med lika delar integritet och ihärdighet har Kristina Edström, professor i oorganisk…

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2018-08-22 |

NanoForum 2018

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2018-06-20 |

NanoForum 2018, Where great minds meet!

Sustainable Nanomaterials/Solutions. Life cycle impacts. New Business Models and the Nanotech Company of the Year Award. At NanoForum we create meaningful encounters around the most important topics for our future. With a highly relevant audience, including policy makers, investors, world class scientists and entrepreneurs, NanoForum is the most important meeting for the Scandinavian Nano community….

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2018-06-13 |

We are interested in your company!

Have we met before? If you are a member of SwedNanoTech, we have probably met. But chances are you have missed all the good things that a membership in SwedNanoTech brings. No worries, we’ll fix that. In Search for Prospects Right now there is a big interest in nanotechnology innovations from investors in our network….

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