2018-05-15 |

Do you qualify to be the Nanotech Company of the year in Scandinavia?

Now is the time to send in your application to be nominated for the Award Nanotech Company of the Year in Scandinavia.


-The Company has to be younger than 10 years

-The Company needs to be active in Scandinavia/ the Nordic Countries (doesn´t have to be Swedish owned)

-The Company needs to have a product or service which is on the market


Please fill in this form with more details about your Company and send it by e-mail to info@swednanotech.com . Last chance to nominate is on September 19!

A jury will be going through the applications and pick nominees for the Award. The Nominees will then be able to pitch their Company on stage at Nano Forum 2018, oct 23, in Uppsala.

During Nano Forum a Winner will be picked by the jury.


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