About SwedNanoTech

SwedNanoTech is Sweden’s first umbrella organization for the Swedish nanotechnology actors. The association was formed in 2010 to profile Sweden as a prominent nanotechnology country in research and products, but also as a land of investment opportunities.

Sweden has great potential to become an important centre for nanoscience and innovative products. The result of Swedish research has generated a number of new companies and the technology has been identified as a potential growth area for Swedish industry. Countries like the U.S., China, Japan and Russia are already interested in our knowledge. Now is the time to take advantage of Sweden’s business opportunities and secure our place in the development of the field.

SwedNanoTech want to collect Swedish nanotechnology actors to jointly shape the landscape of Swedish nanotechnology. The purpose of SwedNanoTech is to influence, create meeting places and to build bridges between academia, industry, business and the public.

How we work

At SwedNanoTech we believe that innovation and utilization of research does not happen by itself. It requires incentives, context and resources to get the wheels in motion. We believe that creating meeting opportunities that serve as natural gathering places for researchers, investors and politicians is crucial to make innovation happen. We believe in the crossing of different areas and connecting the right people from different sectors of interest.

During the time that SwedNanoTech have been operating, we have organized three major conferences, a number of workshops, written an agenda for Swedish nanotechnology in a sustainable society, participated in exhibitions and published opinion articles.

Our network

The strength of SwedNanoTech lies in the diversity of our network. Our members include businesses, organizations, researchers and students, all more or less linked to the nanotechnology field. Our sponsors support individual events and our partners contribute to our business on individual basis, depending on their ability.

Whether you enter our organization as a member or as a support function, a contribution is a great help for SwedNanoTech to keep growing.