Nanotechnology and safety

Nanomaterials can today be found in a wide range of consumer products and in different kinds of industries. The number of new products containing nanomaterials to the market, and the industrial use of nanotechnology in industry, is expected to increase in the coming years.

10.002 270px_bredThe knowledge on how humans and the environment can be exposed, and reacts, to nanomaterials is however still scarce. The need for research and development of methods for assessing the risks of nanomaterials is still great.

The fact that a nanoparticle beahves different depending on in which context it is used is a challenge for risk assessment. There are simply no way of determine the risk of a nanomaterial or nano particle without taking in account the size and shape of the particle, if it is embedded in another material, and in what way humans are exposed.

This calls for a case to case-manner in determining the risk associated with nanomaterials and nano particles.

Life-cycle analysis of nanoparticles is still rare, which means that there is a lack of systematic knowledge about the effects on the environment. It is therefore essential that security research goes hand in hand with technological advances and that safety aspects of the developments are discussed openly.