Nanoforum 2019, July 4–5

There is no better way to start off the summer of ’19 than with a visit to NanoForum in Malmö.  Be inspired by entrepreneurs, investors and the Hyperloop genius, Tom Kammermeier. Meet with industrialists, international scientists, inventors and investors. NanoForum is a joint arrangement with IVC-21.

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Thursday July 4, 13.30-15.00

Block I, Investing in the Future
Moderator: Johan Wester

Overview of US Nano Technology Efforts
Dr. Lisa Friedersdorf, US Office of NanoTechnology

Venture Startup Stories
Glo AB, Fariba Danesh, CEO
Amprius Corp., Dr. Kang Sun, CEO

Nanotech Funding Challenges
Panel led by Dr. Laura Oliphant, Spirit Ventures

Next Steps
Magnus Ryde, Spirit Ventures

Thursday July 4, 15.30-17.00

Block II, The Startup Scene
Moderator : Johan Wester

From lab to market, Nanologica, Rocky Road and Smooth Sailing
Adam Feiler, Nanologica

Ten Years After! The European Infrastructure from a Policy Perspective
Lars Leijonborg, former Minister of Research and Education

One Year After! Nordic Nanotech Company of the Year 2018
Björn Lindh, Graphmatech

Nordic Nanotech Company of the Year Award, Finalists’ Pitches

Friday, July 5, 08.45–09.30

Plenary Talk: Vacuum Technology for the Hyperloop – Enabling New Modes of Transportation
Tom Kammermeier, Leybold

Friday, July 5, 09.45–12.30

Block III, Towards an Electric Society
Chair: Jan-Eric Sundgren

ElectriCity – a successful cooperation for sustainable and electrified travel and transport
Peter Nordin, Director City Mobility, Volvo Group, Gothenburg Sweden

Coatings on metal bipolar plates in high efficient PEM fuel cells for transport applications
Carina Höglund, Impact Coatings, Linköping Sweden

European Battery Alliance – The Role of Raw Materials
Karen Hanghøj, CEO EIT RawMaterials, Berlin, Germany

MicroLED Displays Showcase – The Technologies of our Future
Fariba Danesh, CEO Glo AB

High Quality GaN for High Frequency and High Power Devices
Olle Kordina, CEO SweGaN Linköping